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About Annie Vance


Annie Vance, Ph.D.   

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Annie Vance, Ph. D.
With her unique blend of training and experience, Ann assists clients in personal, relationship, and career related concerns.


Dr. Vance is a  Marriage & Family Therapist with specializations in Art Therapy, Anger Resolution, Executive Coach, Collaborative Parenting Through Divorce, and Christian Counseling Psychology.

In addition, she holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Christian Counseling Psychology and is also trained as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor.


Annie has had the cosmopolitan experience of residing in the Caribbean, Canada, California, and Hawaii prior to moving to back to Hawaii. Her rich background of education and creative experiences are evident in her credentials and warm 'Aloha' spirit.



Annie is available to present workshops related to Relationships, Parenting, Therapeutic Art, Career Directions and the Blended Family.


A new addition to our suite of services is Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Recovery workshops, court approved for parents in conflict through divorce.

MFC 40007   CA

MFT 136        HI

Roscoe the Therapy Dog

   Roscoe was a puppy found trying to cross Roscoe Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley.  There was heavy traffic and this tiny puppy was wandering out into the traffic.  I stopped, retrieved him and knocked on nearby doors to see if he belonged there.  No one knew who he belonged to or where he came from.
         Being on my way to a meeting I dropped him off at my friend Tamara's, and asked if she would keep him in her garage in a box until the meeting was over.

 She had another plan!  She told me she had been wanting a puppy and asked could they keep him.  I said  Yes, and he was theirs, a new addition to a family with a toddler.

 They named him T.O. for Time Out, that mom got when she would take him for a walk.

  The family shortly after went on vacation to Maui and I gladly dog sat him for the week. He was adorable, no longer a tiny puppy but a tall straggly almost dog no longer cute puppy, but a wild thing with lots of energy!   He spent most of his time tethered on a line under the trees in my back yard.  He had bolted a couple of times across the street to the park with no regard for the traffic. He was too wild to let in except at night to feed him.

   Our friendship and contact continued... then one day Tamara called to say that her husband no longer wanted him at their home, he was too wild to have around their small son. She was heart broken.  Would I take him was her next question... Without a doubt!  Later that day he arrived with all his toys, leashes and gear.

I had never planned to have a dog, I had always had a Guinea Pig, Roscoe had touched my heart with his spunk and playful heart and I was open to a change.
  Off we went to obedience school, he was a great student, then off to the therapy dog exam, he was a success there too.  He outgrew his wild stage and has settled down to be such a loyal friend and companion.

 He now greets clients at the gate, brings his toy, with him, with the hopes that he will get a chance to play tug or fetch, with them.  The fun begins,
until it is time to go in for their  appointment, he is often there to walk them to the gate as they depart after a session with me.  Gotta love him... you can almost see his smile some days!  Roscoe died in 2014 after a battle with cancer at only 7 yrs old.

Rio a black Lab, Australian Heeler, Rottie mix has taken up the challenge.
 Roscoe enjoying 'his' backyard

"You are the way you are because that's the way you want to be.  If you really wanted to be any different, you would be in the process of changing right now."

Fred Smith: Founder of Federal Express

  V I D  in the convertible


" The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are"

Joseph Campbell

  Roscoe watching Bees

"We need four hugs a day for survival.

We need eight hugs a day for maintenance.

We need twelve hugs a day for growth"

Virginia Satir