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Career Directions

     Before you decide what you want, you need to know who you are.


Using a Colorful and Unique way to discover your Values, Interests, Skills and Traits we explore discovering who you are and what you are about!


   The tools developed by a professional career counselor to assist individuals  in attaining their career goals.


   Finding the highest and best use of our time and talent in return for personal satisfaction, financial security and joy of living can be difficult at best.  This process makes that challenge visibly easier. 


  Discover your vocation and avocation at the same time using the Holland Career Code


Dr. John Holland theorized people and work environments can be loosely classified into six different groups, and peoples' personalities are compatible with certain work environments. While people may have interests within the six groups, they will be drawn primarily to two or three groups. The more a person is able to express their personality within a compatible work environment, the higher the likelihood of finding career satisfaction.

This database links your specific Holland Code with different careers. After selecting your code from the drop-down window, you will be directed to a new page listing different career possibilities that work well with your personality type.


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"Success is the ability to fulfill your desires with effortless ease."

Deepak Chopra