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Performance IQ is the scientific measurement of one's performance intelligence. It is the measurable combination of Performance Thinking algorithms, an exact combination of Performance IQ. Drivers that motivates and directs the execution of tasks, goals, processes, procedures, leadership, productivity, job competency skills in the optimal time and delivery for profitable sustained business results.



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What is the impact?Positive meaningful metrics that improves lives and careers.

What’s in it for me personally?

   ~ You can find the answers to issues that have been bothering you for a long time and you can get custom tools for your personal success.

   ~ Get past fears that have been holding you back, ability to get past feeling inadequate, ability to communicate easily, stop feeling Self-conscious, gain internal confidence, get over feeling of failure and much more.

   ~ Provides you with the tools for personal success – fast and easy – very cost effective.


What’s in it for my career?

   ~ Gain the tools that are customized to your leadership skills and that can accelerate your ability for career advancement.

   ~ Expand you career tool box in areas of decision making, self-motivation, interpersonal skills and much more.


What’s in it for executives?

   ~ Metrics performance management approach with tools for increasing productivity

   ~ Metrics accountability system for heading off potential disasters before they occur.

   ~ Positive and proactive management system for increasing morale and total performance alignment.

   ~ Best practice corporate governance with a measurable solution approach for sustained profitability.


What’s in it for managers?

   ~ Provides clear and concise information for performance discussions.

   ~ Provides the tools to quickly enhance the employees and managers productivity.

   ~ Provides the ability to objectively execute the business objectives and tasks to reach company and department goals.

What’s in it for my employees?

   ~  Ability to identify what performance drivers are lacking and what needs to be developed to meet the productivity expectations for the job.

   ~ Provides answers at the source of the challenges so productivity issues are objectively solved.

   ~ Provides custom tools for individual’s personal and career success.


"Increasing our awareness allows us to make better decisions and get more of the results we want."

Robert MacPhee