Psychotherapy in Lahaina, HI

Psychotherapy in Lahaina, with Dr. Annie Vance, involves an objective collaboration between client and trained professional therapist to manage stress, unhappiness, and depression. Stress can impair our capacity for pleasure along with our perception, meaning, and connection. Unhappiness can erode the quality of our life, amplify pain, and interfere with our ability to connect intimately. Seeking help with depression is especially important, as it can and often does affect work, hurt family, and isolate us from social relationships. These are the issues that Aloha Concepts Counseling can help you manage.

Annie works with a variety of tools and introduces new skills where needed to facilitate the shift from discord to harmony. Her approach is eclectic; through her workshops and sessions, she teaches new skills and provides insight and education in various areas. We encourage you to make an appointment if you:

  • Are Dissatisfied With Some Part of Your Life
  • Feel Distressed and Require Help With Stress Management
  • Feel Overwhelmed
  • Feel Depressed
  • Are In Need of Help In Coping With a Problem

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Changes Lives

When we understand how behavior change works, we’re able to make better choices and therefore achieve better results. Most people make choices unconsciously, operating completely below their level of awareness. Making conscious choices and changes in our belief systems is often the first step in changing behavior, and we’re here to help you do that.

Past experiences create belief systems that directly affect our thoughts and behaviors. One often needs help to re-frame a view of a situation to be able to see a broader perspective on situations, to be able to move on and experience what life has to offer beyond present horizons. We’re honored to help facilitate making that possible.

When we can be the safest person in our partner’s life, and are extending ourselves for the purpose of nurturing our own and another’s spiritual and emotional growth, in a fair, mutually reciprocal sensitive, and respectful way… We ask from our partner what is hardest for them to give, they ask the same of us, it is in this work that we become healed, we mature and fully develop ... that is love! And yes, you do get to change and grow to be the best you can be through this experience called love!!

(Scott Peck, Stan Tatkin, Harville Hendrix)

Your self-improvement starts when you contact our office. We serve Lahaina and Maui, Hawaii, and the surrounding communities.