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Ann Vance

Marriage Family Therapist

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Sand tray promotes play and relationship, and are thus elementally therapeutic.

'Therapy Dog' Roscoe was here to greet you!

Roscoe loved to play tug or fetch with you on your arrival,

 just ask him to get his 'toys'!

Roscoe my previous Therapy dog went to Doggie Heaven in October 2014 after a tough battle with cancer.

We welcome Rio as our Therapy Dog ~ Greeter replacement. He also loves to play fetch and lie at your feet.

Rio the travelling dog....

Anger Management 


Abuse Prevention

examines the problem of control and how, without even intending to, some people may attempt to control us, understand just why some people indulge in oppressive behavior.


 The need for and destructive cost of power over another in relatonship.  Insight into anger, it's sources and consequences, alternatives.

 Understanding the fears that drive anger, getting unstuck, unraveling the angst and seeking positive solutions to the problem.


 Gain the ability to choose how to respond and develop problem solving abilities that lead to safer relationships. 


Learn new skills that will enrich your life.

Back-to-School, Camp, and Sports Physicals Ideal Time to Check Adolescent Patients for Symptoms of Depression and
Other Mental Health Problems


 TeenScreen Primary Care Program.

 Back-to-school, camp and sports physicals are an ideal time to check adolescents for symptoms of depression, suicide risk and other mental health problems.

 If you haven't yet had your teens screened, we hope you will , please contact us via e-mail at or call 808 740 4288 to schedule one. 

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The terms Counseling and Psychotherapy 


seem interchangeable to many people, but they tend to have different meanings for people in helping professions. 


Generally counseling is thought to be a relatively short process, whereas psychotherapy usually runs for many sessions.


Counseling is seen as problem oriented, where psychotherapy is person oriented.


Counseling stresses giving information, while psychotherapy facilitates understanding of self and others.


You can expect: Listening, Questioning, Evaluating, Interpreting, Supporting, Explaining, Informing, Advising, Ordering activities as components of a session.  Sessions are 45-50 minutes in length.

 Art Therapy

We meet and use creative art materials to express what's on your mind or whatever we are working through at the moment. An insightful discussion follows, providing new thoughts and ideas to contemplate. Explore symbolic meanings of images and art as a bridge to communication.

 Be Creative!
 No artistic talent needed.
Using Leading Edge Innovative Performance IQ Assessment and Coaching Technology, measure your Motivational Drivers, discover your Strengths and Opportunities for Growth.

Faith Based Counseling


Scripture provides a clear foundation for direction and guidance in resolving relational issues. When both spouses are looking to God for direction, they are reading the same 'map' and thus it facilitates getting on the same page with values and solutions.  The closer they are to God, the closer they are to each other. The battle of my way vs. your way is eliminated.